Monday, August 23, 2010

I would like to start with the definition of "infinity," which means, simply, "without limits." Jesus Christ is an Infinite Person, and this is extremely important to believe, whether you understand it or not. Infinity is an amazing concept and ridiculously hard to grasp when using a limited understanding. But I will do my best to convey my most, hopefully, inspired thoughts backed up, in part, with quotations from the bible.
Obviously when we talk about Absolutes or Limitlessness we are talking about God. The highest power there is. What do you know about Him? Well, actually, if God never revealed Himself, there would be no possible way you could ever get to know Him or understand anything about Him. The bible, which is the Word of God, (He placed His thoughts in the minds of men to write as He dictated), says that God "who alone has immortality, dwelling in unapproachable light, whom no man has seen or can see, to whom be honor and everlasting power. . ." 1 Timothy 6:16.
That statement could mean one of several things. That He was too far away for anyone to live long enough to get to see Him (an infinite distance). Or that approaching too close would either blind you or kill you, or both. Or that He was invisible except for the light that He dwelt in. In any case, it means that God had to choose to reveal Himself. And, if you believe the bible as I do, He reveals that He did so in the infinite person we know as Christ, which means, "The Chosen One." His first name, Jesus, or Joshua or Yeshua (in Hebrew) and an extremely popular name at the time He was born, means, "Savior." He has other names that we may refer to later, but for now this is the start of my revelation to you. And I hope you follow me all the way through.
I intend to show and demonstrate the Character of this Infinite Person, called Jesus, and why and how he needed to transform himself into the finite and limited person that we celebrate at Christmastime and Easter, and how both presences are consistent with His nature. And also how we, like Him, can be transformed into the same kind of infinite person that He now is again. I hope you look forward to it.